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Peter Lynn Bigfoot Kite Buggy

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Quick Overview:

Rolling over dunes, tricks like wheelies, slides, reverses, spins - even aquaplaning can be done on this buggy!


Upwind performance is incredible and no speed is lost despite it's big wheels. A tough buggy also to beat on the race course and the wheels can be fitted to any buggy with 20mm bolts.

The stainless steel used is almost twice as strong allowing for some hard core slides and aerial manoeuvres. The wheel bearings and bolts now come with a 15mm bearing front wheel and 20mm on the back.
The foot pegs have also been modified ensuring a tight fit minimising any rattles.

The buggy is now refined and ready for action for the total beginner to the most advanced buggy rider.

The seat is fully reinforced and has extra padding in the seat and on the side frames, the Bigfoot buggy is a lot more comfortable specially when riding for a long period of time.

The Peter Lynn Bigfoot buggy now also comes with a kinked (swan-neck) downtube to keep the centre of gravity low to reduce speed wobble at high speed.

The Peter Lynn Bigfoot Buggy is now available with Standard or Asymmetric Bigfoot Wheels. Peter Lynn Bigfoot Asymmetric wheels apart from the increased size compared to the Bigfoot, they give you the ability to increase or decrease your track distance by turning the wheels around. This can give you an increased performance when riding.

Balanced Buggy Geometry:
In designing any Peter Lynn Buggy, the design team ensure the correct geometry sizing to suit the specific needs the buggy is designed for. By using a carefully chosen wheel base, track, body position and head tube angle, the buggy is given certain characteristics aimed at improving stability, manoeuvrability, rider comfort and side pull balance.

Design Simplicity:
As the buggy needs to withstand a great amount of use, it is important to keep the overall design relatively simple. Simplicity not in terms of design and performance, but in the sense of limiting the number of separate parts to the minimum required for optimal user friendliness and handling. Peter Lynn buggies are designed with simplicity in mind, without giving in on rigidty and performance. 

Advanced Construction Techniques:
Peter Lynn Buggies are constructed using high quality welds and advanced construction methods. The combination of well chosen materials, material thickness and connection methods results in the buggies being extremely strong and durable. Connections between the frame-parts that can be disassembled are designed for optimal strength and durability.

High Quality Materials:
As a buggy is used in a wet and salty environment it is important to apply materials which are resistant to corrosion. Therefore all buggy frame parts as well as the hardware are made from stainless steel. The bearings are cartridge style to ensure durability. All hardware parts can be easily replaced if needed. The rims are made of high quality PVC plastics and the tires are made of extra durable rubber compound.

Ergonomically Designed Seat:
Peter Lynn Buggies features a well designed seat. Using ergonomics the seat ensures a comfortable body position and in combination with the ergonomically designed side-frame, it offers excellent side-pull resistance, even when riding for a longer period of time. Both the padding in the seat and the extra padding on the side frames give you a good support and will help to prevent injuries.

Quick Assembly:
Peter Lynn Buggies are designed in such a way that they can be assembled quickly and stored easily as a relatively small package. Without making any compromises in strength - Peter Lynn Buggies feature a minimum of bolt connections for a quick and easy assembly.

Compatibility and Upgrades:
Peter Lynn offers a range of upgrades and accessories for their buggies, varying from longer or wider frame parts to massive Bigfoot wheels. All buggies can be easily upgraded using parts from other Peter Lynn buggy models or optional parts enabling you to change the buggy according to your very own riding style and making buggy riding easier and more fun.

Peter Lynn Bigfoot Buggy Features:
Frame Material - Stainless Steel
Seat Type - Luxury Padded Reinforced Seat
Sideframe Padding - Padding with Nylon Covers
Standard Wheel - 21 / 12.0-8
Frame Parts - 5
Assembling Time - 10 mins

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