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North Neo Kite + North Gonzales Kiteboard Package

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The North Neo and North Gonzales kitesurfing package is great value for money, North is one if the best brand in the kitesurfing industry, Just finished your lessons..? this is the ideal kitesurfing package.

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North Neo Kite + North Gonzales Kiteboard Package 

The North Neo was a new kite in 2011 for the North Kiteboarding line up; it is the weapon of choice for the hardcore wave riders on their team. Airton Cozzolino uses it as his kite for tearing up the waves on the KSP World Tour, and just about anywhere else his travels may take him.

Package includes:

- North Neo kite
- North Control bar and lines
- North Gonzales Kiteboard
- FREE pump worth £30
- FREE 2 Hours 1:1 Kiteurfing Tuition worth £70

The North Neo kite and Gonzales board package comes complete ready to fly off the shelf.

The North Neo

The North Neo is a simple three-strut design, offering blistering responsiveness, ease of use and a smooth power development throughout the turning arc of the kite. Because North only use three struts the Neo is incredibly lightweight, this means it drifts as you ride down wave, allowing you to concentrate on getting barrelled and getting the ride of your life. The Neo sits a little further back in the window, which allows it to drift, rather than fly backwards.

This also means it performs well when depowered, steering control is maintained and the kites lively behaviour isn’t lost when it reaches the upper limits of it’s wind range. The Neo also performs impeccably unhooked, meaning it will suit whatever your style of waveriding. Should the waves not show up for your trip it can also be used for freestyle as well, the responsive steering, smooth power development and easy water relaunch make it perfect for learning new moves!

The Control Bar and Lines

The 2013 North Neo can be flown on 4 or 5 lines depending on what you prefer. If you like 4 lines then select the NORTH QUAD CONTROL TRUST BAR. If you prefer the 5 line option then select the NORTH 5TH ELEMENT TRUST BAR.

The North Trust Bar is legendary in the kitesurfing industry and amongst the riders; North have developed it, tweaked it and refined it for many years. The Trust bar 2013 once again stands for unmatched safety and reliability. As with all things at North Kiteboarding, if they do something new, they do it right, this year the bar has been completely reworked, updated and redesigned! The new bar for 2013 is the culmination of years of development, testing and competition winning success. It provides the rider with a unique control system that has safety rooted at its core.

Comfort, control and easy handling back up this ethos and combine to offer the rider the best control system on the market. Naturally the new Trust bar conforms to the regulations of the French Safety Laws and surpasses all of North's own requirements in terms of ease of release.

The North Gonzales Kiteboard

The North Gonzales kiteboard is designed for those riders who want an easy ride. If you want a freeride board that works for you and makes you look good on the water the Gonzales is it. There are 5 sizes in the range to suit every riders needs, whether you are just starting out after some lessons, or more experienced riders enjoying their first jumps and tricks. The Gonzales carves like a dream, the outline has been designed to make it easy to switch from rail to rail, perfect for toeside and heelside carves.

The North Gonzales is the ultimate easy to use freeride machine and is very smooth and comfortable through choppy water. Get on board the Gonzales and boost your kitesurfing skills!

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