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North Neo Kitesurfing Kite

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  • New profiles on sizes 4-9m
  • Slightly bigger ASPECT RATIO on sizes 10-12 m
  • Better top end & Less grunty feeling
  • More depower
  • Dacron tip reinforcements

Last year the Neo was redeveloped as a pure wave-riding kite, focusing on the qualities that riders demand in waves. The kite not only impressed the riders, but also won several magazine tests in its class. This year the kite has been completely reworked to further improve its performance. The Neo still has amazing drift capabilities, but the top end has also been improved while keeping the amazing low end. The kite has excellent sheet and go characteristics, meaning you can either dump power, or use it according to where you are on the wave and how it is breaking. This will get you out of difficult situations, but it also makes riding waves easier and flying the Neo is very instinctive. For 2015 we recommend using a kite 1-2 sizes smaller than you would normally as the low end is so impressive! The world’s best wave riders all love the Neo and when you fly one on the waves, you’ll fall in love too!



SIZE                      WINDRANGE (KN)                    RECOMMENDED LINE LENGTH (M)
4                                 26-40                                              22-24
5                                 23-37                                              22-24
6                                 21-35                                              22-24
7                                 19-33                                              22-24
8                                 17-31                                              22-24
9                                 15-29                                              22-24
10                                 13-27                                              22-24
11                                 12-24                                              22-24
12                                 11-21                                              22-24

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The 2014 North Neo can be flown on 4 or 5 lines depending on what you prefer. If you like 4 lines then select the NORTH QUAD CONTROL TRUST BAR. If you prefer the 5 line option then select the NORTH 5TH ELEMENT TRUST BAR.

The North Trust Bar is legendary in the kitesurfing industry and amongst the riders; North have developed it, tweaked it and refined it for many years. The Trust bar 2014 once again stands for unmatched safety and reliability. As with all things at North Kiteboarding, if they do something new, they do it right, this year the bar has been completely reworked, updated and redesigned! The new bar for 2014 is the culmination of years of development, testing and competition winning success. It provides the rider with a unique control system that has safety rooted at its core. 

Comfort, control and easy handling back up this ethos and combine to offer the rider the best control system on the market. Naturally the new Trust bar conforms to the regulations of the French Safety Laws and surpasses all of North's own requirements in terms of ease of release. 


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