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Powerkiting Courses

This is a three hour introduction into powerkiting.

Powerkiting is an exhilarating, exciting up and coming sport. Powerkiting is the back bone of any kite related sport; the skills you need for powerkiting are the exact skills you need to progress onto kite landboarding, bugging or even kitesurfing.

We start at the very basics of introducing a variety of powerkites and run you through the kite set up. There is an element of theory involved in the course, including how the kite fly’s and outlining the windwindow which includes describing the different zones etc

You will learn about site assessment and the safety of powerkites, these areas are key parts of powerkiting as many accidents occur, through lack of knowledge.
Note* All equipment needed is provided and included in the price of the powerkite course.

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: £39

Powerkiting Course Content
- Basic principles of site assessment
- Equipment knowledge
- Introduction to wind window
- Rigging kites (kite set up)
- Pre flight checks
- Kite safety
- Basic kite piloting
- Principles of power control
- Equipment