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School Terms & Conditions

· All gift vouchers are valid for a maximum of six months, once expired they become invalid

· If a course is cancelled for any reason, you will need to re-book your course within six months of the original booking, if you fail to do this your course will become invalid

· We are not responsible for weather and have no control over it. Hunstanton Watersports make every effort possible to provide alternative activities and dates, subject to availability

· Cancelled courses due to weather conditions are at the discretion of Hunstanton Watersports, reasons related to personal safety or lack of progression could result in this decision

· All cancelled courses will be re-scheduled, refunds are not available

· All assessments whether courses should start or continue is under the control of Hunstanton Watersports

· Incomplete courses due to weather conditions or by any other means will be rescheduled by Hunstanton Watersports subject to availability

· All invoices and course payments will be made at the time of booking, in advance of course commencement

· No bookings will be confirmed until full payment has been received

· All prices on the Website are the correct prices of courses

· A failure to attend any course without prior notice will result in the course being forfeited without refund

· We cannot hold or reserve courses any longer than one day

· Course starting times and dates specified are to be followed, we have to work around tide times, weather etc

· If you are running late please contact Hunstanton Watersports a.s.a.p otherwise courses will begin

· Courses described as the duration of ‘one day’ are a minimum of six hours, but often run slightly over

You need to contact Hunstanton Watersports 24 – 48hrs before your
course starts to confirm starting times and weather conditions