Who are we,
and what do we do?

Hey! I’m Steve Murfet, an avid watersports enthusiast.  I started Hunstanton Watersports back in 2006 and is going strong to this current day!

I have been involved in watersports most of my life, as you can see, I love watersports and everything about watersports.
Now I get the opportunity run a thriving watersports school where I can share my passion, knowledge and instruct others wanting to learn these awesome sports and hobbies.

The beach is where I am at home!

So, My Story.

I spent every school holiday at the beach doing everything from messing around in kayaks to waterskiing, wakeboarding, bodyboarding, skimboarding, sailing etc

It was awesome!

At the age of 15 kitesurfing started to emerge on the Norfolk coast…. I had to try it.

With my pocket money saved up from numerous birthdays and Christmas’s I bought my first second hand 4m Wipika kitesurfing kite from the local kites shop at the time Oceanside.Having messed about flying kites on the beach I knew how to fly I just needed to combine the board and kite at the same time.

After getting to grips with kitesurfing and getting completed attached to the sport I soon qualified as a kitesurf instructor at Weymouth where I ventured soon abroad and got a job.

Heading back to Hunstanton. kitesurfing was still relativity a new upcoming sport, there was no one teaching commercially at my local spot so I started Hunstanton Kitesurfing School. After one year I became an approved British Kitesports School and haven not looked back since.

As kitesurfing is dependent upon particular weather conditions it was hard to make a business work solely relying on the wind so over the years I branched out and expanded into other avenues such as kayak hire, powerkiting, windsurfing and the most recent very popular addition, stand up paddleboarding.

The school is now scaled to a size where I becomes we, and now take on instructors and staff.

In 2008 I expanded the school and moved into the local kite shop where the previous owners were moving on.  I saw this as an big opportunity to grow the business and have a premises/retail outlet with the school and shop working in conjunction.  After eight years I closed the shop in 2016, it was hard competing online with larger retailers discounting making it very hard to cover overheads etc. Plus I was working myself into the ground with the financial worry.

I have completed full circle and gone back to running the school where I find myself much happier getting back outside again, down the beach interacting with people and doing what I do best.


“The school is now scaled to a size where I becomes we, and now take on instructors and staff”

We are the only BKSA certified kitesurfing school in Norfolk along with our BSUPA accreditation.  We also run a variety of activities which makes us unique so we can offer different courses for the changing weather conditions.

The professionalism and quality of instruction is something we pride ourselves on.  This contributes to our continued  success and high demand for our lessons and courses.

We are located on the sea front in Hunstanton on North Promenade with the best views in town, just a stone’s throw from the beach.

We have a range of courses on offer including kitesurfing lessons, windsurfing lessons, paddleboarding lessons and powerkiting lessons   

Why not take a look at some of our watersports on offer, if you require any info please do not hesitate to call us 01485 534455 or use our contact form


We successfully & safely taught over 790 students. Our safety record is something we are very proud of.


We take good care of our clients and are here to guide you every step of the way with advice on kit, locations, weather conditions and much more.

Fully Certified

We are certified by the BKSA & BSUPA. We are fully licensed and insured, working together with the council to promote watersports in the area.


Our school has been running for over 10 years and we have taught hundreds of students in that time.