1:1/2:1 Private Kitesurfing Tuition


Fantastic 1:1 Tuition.
Superb Pricing.

1:1 Private Kitesurfing Tuition

Experience Required: No experience necessary
Duration: Minimim x2 hrs
Cost: £50 per hour
All Equipment Provided
Minimum Age: 16

Whether you are a complete beginner or at an intermediate level we offer 1:1 kitesurfing tuition to all abilities.

Just finished your course –  If you have recently completed a kitesurfing course with us and need to perfect the board starts you will definitely progress with some 1:1.

Purchased some new equipment – We can help set up your new equipment and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the safety systems etc.

Progression – Perfect for if you prefer concentrated 1:1 tuition with an instructor by your side, where the pace of learning is at your own speed.

Need a refresher – Perhaps it’s been a while and it’s time to dust off the kiteboard and get back on the water.  1:1 tuition is the best way to ease yourself back into the sport without making silly mistakes.

As with all our kitesurfing courses all equipment is provided. For 1:1 lessons students can use their own kit however, the instructor will have to check and be happy with all the equipment before it is used.

Other Options

We also offer 2:1 tuition, sharing an instructor between two students.

Cost: £60 per hour (£30 each)

Including full use of equipment we can tailor the 2:1 tuition towards your specific needs.


We have a 100% safety record since our opening in 2006 and this is something we pride ourselves on.


We take good care of our clients and are here to guide you every step of the way with advice on kit, locations, weather conditions and much more.

Fully Certified

We are certified by the BKSA & BSUPA. We are fully licensed and insured, working together with the council to promote watersports in the area.


Our school has been running for over 10 years and we have taught thousands and thousands of students in that time.

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