Two Day Beginners Kitesurfing Course (BKSA Level 2)


Experience the freedom of kitesurfing

Two Day Beginners Kitesurfing Course – BKSA Level 1 & 2

Experience Required: No experience is necessary
Duration: 2 Days (09:30-16:00)
Cost: £280
All Equipment Provided
Group Size:
Qualification Gained: BKSA Level 1&2 (based on the individual’s ability)
Minimum Age: 16

The two day beginners kitesurfing course (BKSA level 1 and 2) is our best selling course. We cover level 1 on the first day and level 2 on the second,

Completing two full days will allow you to build on the knowledge from the BKSA level 1 course.
The aim of the level 2 course is to instil confidence in your kitesurfing ability and to get you up and riding independently.

BKSA Level 1 Course Itinerary – Day 1

– Introduction and background of kitesurfing/BKSA
– Fundamentals of kitesurfing – wind, weather, tides and location
– Beach trainer kite flying, understanding the wind-window
– Kitesurf kite setup
– Safe kite launch/land techniques + pre-flight checks
– Water-based flying / flying kitesurfing kites
– Controlled body dragging / directional body dragging
– Emergency pack down / Self-rescue techniques
– Directional and upwind body dragging

BKSA Level 2 Course Itinerary – Day 2

– Board rescue
– Introduction to boards
– Board start technique
– First board starts
– First rides including prolonged power delivery
– Independent kitesurfing – Surfing with others

The Next Step..?

After you have fully completed your two-day course we don’t just say goodbye, we will help you onto the next stages of your kiteboarding progression.  Whether it’s advice on purchasing equipment, some 1:1 private tuition to polish off the board starts or supervised hire we are here every step of the way to make sure you are not alone.  We will introduce you to the local kitesurfing club and make sure you feel welcomed into the community.


We have a 100% safety record since our opening in 2006 and this is something we pride ourselves on.


We take good care of our clients and are here to guide you every step of the way with advice on kit, locations, weather conditions and much more.

Fully Certified

We are certified by the BKSA and BSUPA. We are fully licensed and insured, working together with the council to promote watersports in the area.


Our school has been running for over 10 years and we have taught hundreds of students in that time.