New Hunstanton

New Hunstanton

WIND: Recommended in anything from SSW through W round to N.

TIDES: Best at low tide when the sandbar emerges on the outside and the water is butter-flat. As soon as the tide creeps up towards the groynes it’s time to pack up and head round to Old Hunstanton.

DIRECTIONS: Very easy to find as Hunstanton only has one beach and it runs alongside the town. Head to the green and you can’t miss it!

PARKING: There is a council operated car park next to the Sailing Club. Parking at the Sailing Cluib itself is restricted to HSC members only. Alternatives car parks are near the Oasis swimming pool and behind O’Quigleys. Non-members found parking in HSC spaces will receive a legally enforceable parking fine.

SETTING UP: Please avoid launching in-between the groynes for safety reasons.

SPECIAL COMMENTS: Kitesurf into the sunset on the east coast! Nice…

Old Hunstanton

Old Hunstanton

WIND: Recommended in anything from SSW round through W to N.

TIDES: Ridable at most states of the tide though very little beach at highwater on a big spring tide. Stay well away from the cliffs when the tide is high as they can generate huge updrafts.

DIRECTIONS: Take a left on the sharp bend as you exit Hunstanton on the A149 (pitch ‘n’ putt will be on your left).

PARKING: Clifftop car park or grass car park adjacent to Le Strange Hotel. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE LE STRANGE HOTEL CAR PARK.

SETTING UP: Please do not set up or pack down near the main entrance to the beach as you may hinder a possible lifeboat launch.

SPECIAL COMMENTS: There are a few vertical stakes that appear from about mid-tide – ask a local!

Heacham Beach

Heacham Beach

WIND: Anything from S through W round to N.

TIDES: Only really worth it around high tide (unless you like wading through mud!)

DIRECTIONS: Turn into Lamsey Lane, Heacham from the A149 and follow signs for South Beach.

PARKING: Follow the signs for ‘Heacham South Beach Car Park’.

SETTING UP: No designated setup area on this beach but as always, please use common sense.

SPECIAL COMMENTS: A popular choice for high tide in a southerly.

Brancaster Beach

Brancaster Beach

WIND: Good in anything from W through N round to E.

TIDES: Big tidal range so check your tables. Flatwater heaven around 2/3 tide when the ‘lagoons’ start to fill. Can turn into a beach-break in a northerly near high-tide.

DIRECTIONS: Enter Brancaster on the A149 from Hunstanton & turn left at the shop. (Signposted to the Beach)

PARKING: Only one public car park. The road to the car park floods on big high tides.

SETTING UP: There is a designated launch/land zone to the west of the Golf Clubhouse – please use it.

Kitesurfing is permitted at Brancaster subject to restrictions. There is a sign on the beach notifying kitesurfers about these restrictions (see below). Use the proper launch/land zone and when on the water stay to the west of an imaginary line running from the golf clubhouse to the shipwreck. In particular do not kitesurf near to the Ternery & the wreck.